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One Perfect Christmas – Paige Toon


One Perfect Christmas picks up with Alice and Joe one year on… He’s a bigger star than ever, and Alice has managed to maintain her anonymity. But how long can that last? Will this be their first – and last – perfect Christmas? And where is Lukas?


My Review

Okay, so the sequel is around 100 pages long, which is a shame as i would have loved it be longer, this is why i have read it in such a short space of time.

You start off a year later with Jessie and Emily – who are Alice’s friends and ex-housemates from One Perfect Summer – who are getting married. Alice is a bridesmaid for Emily and it was lush to read that after 10 years, they were still friends with Alice and Jessie still messing around together like they were still in uni and work. Jessie calls Alice ‘China’ and Alice calls Jessie ‘Weasley’ after Rupert Grint as he has red hair. You really do find the best of friends at university.

At the wedding, you FINALLY get to see who Alice ends up with and i totally squealed when it was revealed. I become far too involved with the characters when i read books. Obviously from the synopsis you know its Joe, but still.

Alice hasn’t seen Joe for three months, due to his busy filming schedule, so when he surprises her at the wedding, she’s ecstatic and Jessie and Emily are just about on the same par as Alice as they have yet to meet him. Alice and Joe’s relationship is still under wraps and Alice still has her anonymity although she has to endure her colleague talking about Joe all the time, which of course, would annoy you if your friend was going on about your boyfriend, even though no one knew you were together. Joe is the one who wants to go public, hating being away from Alice, whereas Alice is a bit more reluctant, as it would mean her whole life and career would be turned upside down.

You finally get to know what happened between Lukas and Alice too, as it rewinds 7 months back. As much as i hated Lukas in One Perfect Summer, we find out he quit his job in Germany, moved back to the UK and is still in love with Alice, forgiving her and wanting her back but as soon as you feel sorry for him, he goes back to the arsehole he was in the first book, which is great because Alice wants him to hate her so he will divorce her.

You can see the love and passion steaming off Alice and Joe, and i totally got drawn in when Alice takes Joe to their house for the first time. although they have been together for a year, it was like they were never apart and that pulled at my heart strings that they still felt the same way after 9 years apart.

There was a lot of jealousy on Alice’s part, which i can understand. Her boyfriend is a big movie star, hes away for months on end and there are so many rumours spreading around about him but then Joe is jealous of Alice when it comes down to her ex-husband and Jessie – who she has a platonic relationship with. They both seem to have issues but when you’re away for months on end, its hard and puts a strain on the relationship but they do talk about it and you can see that whatever issue they have, they can get through it.

Although short and sweet, i really wanted it to be longer. It seemed that although it was meant to tie up some issues from the first book, it just left me wanting more. Like going public, how Alice would cope being thrown into the public eye, the crazy fans etc but I suppose, stopping where it did, even though it was mean, just let the reader ponder over what happened in the future for the both of them.

I’d like to hope that everything ended perfectly between them.


Smutty author

5 thoughts on “One Perfect Christmas – Paige Toon

  1. I personly hate Alice. Its 9 bloody years! Get over joe! Bitch you have a sexy german guy who is obviously amazing in bed. Is rich. Has an amazing brother and sister. Buys her everything. Is completly deeply and utterly in love with her. I would of gotten over joe,pulled my shit together and had beautiful half german babies with lukas. Joe has a rapist as a brother wtf?! He is poor well was now he is isnt but he is still piece of shit next to Lukas. He is not german. He is not hot. He is nothing. What does he do? He is an shitty actor who changed his name to strike … Urmm. Now if we wigh everything out Lukas wins my heart. He has from the moment he met alice. Alice is being a stupid spolit bitch who led poor Lukas on this whole fucking time. She dosnt even love the poor thing. And he loves her soo much. He disobyed his mum and dad. Left that other german girl for alice. Omg if she was real ill punch her in the face.

    And this also happend in Lucy in the sky. She leaves James once again. Rich. Sexy. Good in bed . Hard worker. Handsome. Lawyer . Good future. She leave this for. Surfur. Just started to pull him self together at the age of 24…. Yeah he might be hot but ugh lucy is a cow like alice. They both need to go and get a life. If they dont want james and lukas i will have them both of them are my perfect type of boyfriend.

    Paige toon needs to make a book about a girl who her heart is only for one. Wtf is wrong with her. She keeps writing books about a girl thinking about 2 guys.
    1. Lucy in the sky.
    2. One Perfect summer/christmas
    3. The longest holiday
    4. Pictures of lily
    5. Baby be mine

    Paige thats 5 books…. Lukas and james are pefect. Thats it. Perfect


    1. Re the comments from miss swan i think she should stick to reading the twilight books as for some of the awful things she has said about 5 of these books. Obviously are the rantings of someone not mature enough to understand its not just about money or if there good in bed. But she must of liked something to read so many. I love Paige toons books and have read them all and will be introducing my daughter to the new collection she is working on at the moment. Up the toonies 😊


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