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Monday To Friday Man – Alice Peterson


He proposed. She accepted. He changed his mind. She was heartbroken.

What do you do if you’re 34 and recovering from being jilted two weeks before your wedding day?

While friends are marrying, having children and moving to the depths of the countryside, Gilly Brown finds herself alone in London with just her little dog Ruskin for company. It’s time to move on, so, on a friend’s advice she looks for a lodger, a Monday to Friday one, and finds handsome television producer Jack Baker. Gilly falls for Jack’s charm and is transported into an exciting social whirlwind of parties, dining out and glamour.

When Jack is introduced to Gilly’s family and friends, it’s only the attractive and eccentric Guy, the newest recruit in the dog walking group, who isn’t quite so convinced about Jack’s intentions. As Guy watches them grow closer, his suspicions of Jack and his feelings for Gilly deepen. Is Jack so perfect after all… and what exactly does he get up to at the weekends?


My Review

To be honest, I bought this ebook for 20p on Amazon and I do, in fact, love the free and moderately cheap books that are sold on Amazon as they are mostly amazing books to read.

This book is about Gilly. She’s recently been jilted by her fiancé and because of this she feels loneliness and of course, financial hardships now her other half as left her.

All she has now is her dog Ruskin for company and an old lady living next door who loves Gilly. After a failed attempt to move to Dorset, at a friend’s advice about getting a lodger, she caves in as she really needs someone else to help pay her bills.

Enter the Monday to Friday website where business people pay to live in your house throughout the week and then go home at the weekends – this saves the long commutes to wherever their job is every day.

Failing to find the right lodger, Gilly eventually finds one in the form of Jack Baker, who is a successful TV producer. He ticks all the right boxes and so of course, hes got to be the new lodger.

Gilly and Ruskin belong to a small dog walking group, where her friends all meet up to chat and walk their dogs. Enter Guy – the newest member of their club. He and Gilly end up spending time together and he isn’t so sure about the new lodger or the fact that Gilly seems to be attracted to him.

Guy is engaged to a girl who is off traveling, but you can easily see that he really likes Gilly, whereas Gilly is having a fling with the new lodger, hating it when he goes home for the weekend, asking him to stay.

Things happen during the book – which you will have to read to find out – resulting in Gilly kicking Jack out of the house and her and Guy following him back to his home life to discover the ‘secret’ life he has.

At times Gilly did annoy me with her constant wanting to know where Jack goes at weekends – and although they were sleeping together, if he wanted her to know, he would have told her and also he was just a Monday to Friday guy, so she shouldn’t be asking.

I loved Guy from the moment he was introduced. He really did care for Gilly but although there were some sparks between them, nothing could happen due to his engagement, but what happens towards the end of the book with those two is something you will have to read for yourself.

All her dog walking friends were amazing characters to read and it was obvious they all loved one another and looked out for each other.

It was a nice book to tuck up in bed with  and I would definitely recommend it.


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