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Shut Up and Kiss Me – Christie Craig


When PR expert Shala Winters gets hired to increase the tourist trade in a Texas town mostly populated by Native Americans, her schemes stir up a storm of trouble-with both the town’s commanding lawman and someone after Shala’s life!


My Review

I’ve had this book on my kindle for a few weeks now but I’ve always put other books before it. Last night I decided it was time to read it – seeing as i think it was a freebie on Amazon – and I normally really enjoy the freebie books.

I had read the synopsis when i downloaded the book, so i had completely forgot what it was about, and when i got a few pages in and got confused, i re-read the blurb and remember exactly why i had downloaded the book.

It is definitely different from any other books i read. I’m not really a romantic mystery/suspense girl myself, but I did in fact, love this book. Every page had me hooked and i was constantly guessing over who the hitman was going to me – I thought it was her ex-husband…totally way off there.

Christie made me love ALL the characters and their story lines but I have to say i adored Lucas and Jose the most.

Lucas had some great lines which had me laughing throughout the book and I just felt drawn to Jose – I did feel slightly sorry for him and i kind of understand why he wanted to leave Precious – as i feel that way about my home town at the moment and I don’t feel like i fit in anymore, so i can totally sympathize with him in that respect.

The love triangle between Maria/Matt/Jose got me irritable at times. Maria and Jose are foster siblings with history and Maria was with Matt but something happened. I didn’t like who Maria ended up with, i wanted the other guy as i really liked him.

Redfoot and his premonition dreams about souls mates and incidents from the spirits were very interesting to read. I believe in the whole soul mates thing, so i enjoyed it when they came true. His ‘relationship’ with Veronica annoyed me a bit. Mainly it was Veronica getting on my nerves saying no one could find out because of her children but when you’re older, why should it matter to your children if you find another partner? It would make me happy if any one of my parents found someone else if the other one left or died (They are together just for the record).

Sky and Shala – too cute. I loved the way their relationship paned out – both attracted to each other but not wanting to do anything.

Redfoot had a dream these two were soul mates and the journey from when they first met to the end of the book had me hanging on. Sky doesn’t believe in soul mates and love but when he sees Shala he’s attracted to her but thinks if this whole soul mate stuff is true, he has to stay away. Shala is also instantly attracted to Sky when she first sees him and after having her camera snatched off her by him, all she wants is it back so she can do her job and get out of Precious but no matter how much they want to stay away, they cant as Shala has a stalker that will do whatever to have her dead, and Sky will do whatever to protect her and keep her safe.

I did just find the epilogue on Christie’s website, if anyone hasnt seen it or read it.

Totally recommend this book especially as it makes me want to go to Texas now as the scenery etc was beautifully written


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