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Antarctic Affair – Louise Rose-Innes


Assistant magazine editor and bona fide city girl, Georgina McKellar is put on a last minute assignment to interview intrepid explorer and wildlife photographer, Taj Andrews, while on board an exploration liner bound for the Antarctic. Totally out of her element, Georgina has to overcome her dislike of the great outdoors and melt the frosty heart of her subject to get him to open up to her so she can write the prize-winning feature article that will secure her the editor’s position at Verve Magazine.

Pushy journalist Georgina McKeller is everything Taj dislikes in a woman. She’s pampered, ambitious, draped in designer clothes and adores the city – his total opposite. He proposes a deal. He’ll agree to grant her the in-depth interview she desires if she agrees to accompany him on his excursions into the frigid Antarctic wilderness. He’s prepared to show the well-heeled princess how wild he can really be, but what he didn’t count on was her rising to the challenge.


My Review

I really enjoyed this book. The front cover is a bit off as it wasn’t a sexualized book at all. Of course they did have sex, but once, if not twice and it wasn’t erotically written either which i really liked as many others seem to take it too far describing every bit. I read this as i think it was free on amazon but because i am a graduate journalist who wants to become a travel photojournalist, this book appealed to me – plus the romantic aspect of it as well.

The way it was written, from both the main characters developments and how they act around each other and to the way Louise wrote the description of the Antarctic was just visionary. It made me want to be in the book and witness what Taj, Georgina and the others were looking at and experiences.

Taj tries to push Georgina to the tip so that she crashes under the pressure of this job, but she catches on and proves to everyone that she can do whatever is thrown her way. At one point, Taj and Georgina are partnered together and she ends up saving his life, which turns their ‘relationship’ around.

It was short but sweet and I did love the ending.


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